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  • Wheel Stand white lacquered with two lockable wheels. Height: 1200mm. Supplied with whiteboard.All Uniti whiteboards are fitted withE3 surface; an environmentally friendly,glass enamelledMagnetic sheet steel that can not be compared with lacquered metal panels. Uniti whiteboard a favorablewarranty of 20 years.Choose the size of the whiteboard below.

  • Whiteboard magnetic surface, which does not require any installation in walls! Whiteboards can be placed close together and directly against the wall, which means that they do not take much space and saves space.

  • Framework made from aluminum, designed by Nina Jobs is a flexible screen for offices and public spaces, and works just as well as freestanding unit that paired.Choose type below.Note Would you like pattern fabric so there are only a few colors. (See below)Outriggers must be ordered separately!

  • Starter kit contains:1 eraser, erasers 10 blankets, 4 WBpennor in different colors, 1 pen holder, 1 cleaning fluid and 10 extra strong magnets.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items